About us



Our managers have been with us for many years. They have extensive know-how, years of experience on the tourism market and an in-depth knowledge of the Group's offering, which ensures effective implementation of our strategy.

Audronė Keinytė
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)


Audronė Keinytė joined Novaturas in 2006. She has a strong commercial background as well as deep knowledge of tourism products and the industry itself. In 2009 – 2010, she worked as Head of Services Abroad, while from 2010 she was responsible for product development and contracting. She was appointed the Company's CEO in January 2019.
She graduated from the Philosophy Faculty at the Vilnius University with a master's and a bachelor's degree in sociology. She has also gained professional experience while working in Lithuanian and USA (1999 – 2003) hotels.

Tomas Staškūnas
Chief Financial Officer (CFO)


Tomas Staškūnas has been with Novaturas since 2009. He has been responsible mainly for financial reporting, budgeting, relations with financial institutions and organising the book-keeping process.

He has a degree from the Business and Management Faculty at the Vytautas Magnum University. He has a master's degree in finance and banking. 

Ieva Galvydienė
Chief Commercial Officer (CCO)


Ieva Galvydienė has joined Novaturas in 2006 and started her career as sales manager. Since then  Ieva has been responsible for the coordination of the sales department groupwise and since 2011 has been head of sales for Lithuanian market. In the end of 2019  I. Galvydienė started new position as head of  Novaturas group Aviation department. 

She has graduated  from Faculty of Humanities at Vytautas Magnus University and gained English philology bachelors degree.


The Board consist of 5 members, of which 2 are independent. The members of the Board of the Company are competent professionals with the needed experience. The Board is elected for 4 years.

Vidas Paliūnas
Member of the Board


Vidas Paliūnas participated in the formation of Novaturas UAB on the basis of a merger of three travel agencies - one of which was "DELTA travel agency," where Vidas Paliūnas was the managing director. In 2009-2018, he was a member of Novaturas' management board. As of February 2018 he is a supervisory council member and since 2020 – the chairman of supervisory council. 

He obtained an IT degree from the Chemnitz University of Technology in Germany.

Ugnius Radvila
Member of the Board


Ugnius Radvila has been with the Company since its establishment. In 1999-2011, he was the manager of Vilnius branch and, since 2011, he has been the consultant of the Company. In 1995- 2004, he was also the tourism director at Interservis kelionių agentūra UAB.
He graduated from the Vilnius University, Faculty of Communication, with a master’s degree in Communication and Information (International communication programme).

Andrius Jurkonis
Member of the Board


Andrius Jurkonis manages investment fund Axia Capital Fund and is a certified financial analyst. He has accumulated many years of experience in management positions at Euroapotheca, VST, “wedbank. A. Jurkonis has a bachelor's degree and a master's degree in economics from Vilnius University. He is currently the director of New Pharma CEE, a partner of UAB Blue flight, UAB Gusania. He holds no shares of the Company.

Virginijus Lepeška
Member of the Board


Virginijus Lepeška is Chairman of the Board and Consultant of the management consulting and training company OVC Consulting. Has accumulated extensive experience in organizational consulting, corporate governance, strategic management. Since 2003, he has been a member of the Board and the Supervisory Board in various companies. Virginijus Lepeška has a doctorate in social sciences (psychology) from Vilnius University. He is currently a member of the Board of UAB Svenheim, a member of the Board of UAB Alma littera and a member of the Advisory Board of UAB Ruptela. He is also a member of the board of the Child Support Center. Has no shares in the company.

Janek Pohla
Member of the Board


Janek Pohla is the founder and board member of Tahe Outdoors and a member of the board of the Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Tahe Outdoors has been a successful manufacturer and distributor of water sports equipment for more than 25 years and is one of the leaders in the field in Europe. Since 2004 holds the position of a member of the board in various companies. Janek Pohla holds a Bachelor's and Master's degree (MBA) in Business Administration from the University of Tartu. He is the Head of Rendez Vous OU in Estonia, which has owned 10.25% of Company’s shares since June. He is a member of a board of few companies in the Tahe Outdoors Group.