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2018 06 27

Ventura Awards Gala: two awards for Novaturas

Enterprise Investors - the largest shareholder of Novaturas, the leading tour operator in the Baltics, has awarded the company as the Most Dynamic Company in Enterprise Investors’ portfolio, while Linas Aldonis, Novaturas’ CEO and chairman of the management board, has been recognized as The Manager of the Year. 

Enterprise Investors, one of the largest private equity firms in Central and Eastern Europe, has awarded Venturas 2017 during the Ventura Awards Gala, an event which brings together former and existing Enterprise Investors portfolio companies, business leaders from Central and Eastern European countries, leaders of investment and legal sectors. 

The event traditionally honors both companies and the managers that have achieved the best results in Enterprise Investors portfolio. This year, two accolades have been granted to Novaturas. The firm has been named “The Most Dynamic Company”, and  Novaturas’ CEO Linas Aldonis has been recognized as “The Manager of the Year”. 

"Our team is the source of our success, and I am very happy to be part of this success", - says Novaturas CEO Linas Aldonis. "Managing the leading tour operator in Baltics States means not only the responsibility to maintain leadership, but also to consistently improve the quality of services we provide and to constantly innovate, to be always a step ahead."

Linas Aldonis has been with Novaturas for 18 years. He began his career as a representative abroad in different countries and in 2010 became the CEO of Novaturas Group. The company consistently improves service quality, pays special attention to its customers, and brings in innovations.

According to the CEO, awards coronate great financial results achieved in 2017 and its continued growth. 

"To be named among the best performing Enterprise Investors portfolio companies is an honor for us, and also recognition of our performance. Last year was special for Novaturas. We have not only achieved record breaking financial results, but also begun preparations for another very important - and now I can say  very successful, step for the company, namely the debut on the Warsaw and Nasdaq Vilnius stock exchanges", - says L. Aldonis

In 2017 Novaturas Group posted strong financial results. Revenue increased by nearly 40% y/y to EUR 141 million. EBITDA reached EUR 10.6 million, while net profit reached almost EUR 8.2 million, which in both cases denotes a nearly two-fold increase comparing to 2016.

The first quarter of 2018 was also very successful for the company -  Novaturas Group’s services attracted 51% more customers than in the preceding year. This translated into 49% growth in revenue from sales, which reached EUR 25.8 million. 

Enterprise Investors, a leading PE fund in the CEE region, has brought together one of the strongest investment professionals team in the region. Active since 1990, they have invested in 141 companies (with total amount of investment exceeding 1.8 billion euros) and has exited 127 companies (with total gross proceeds of EUR 3.7 billion).