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2018 11 28

“Novaturas“ implements plan "B" - scheduled flights will be executed as planned

Based on the information published by the competent civil aviation authorities, charter  flights company „Small Planet Airlines“ proved to be unable to fulfill its contractual obligations, therefore AB „Novaturas“ is forced to use the plan "B".

"We had prepared plan “B“ in case the charter flights company proved to be unable to fulfill its contractual obligations. Therefore, facing such situation, we are forced to use it. The nearest upcoming flights will be executed by “GetJet Airlines“ company“, - says “Novaturas“ general director Linas Aldonis.

“Novaturas“ is a responsible travel organizer, it is important for us to protect our clients and company‘s shareholders interests, as well as partners and employees. We carry out our obligations to our clients, execute planned programs and ensure sustainable business in tourism sector“,- says Linas Aldonis.

Novaturas has operating for almost 20 years. The comapany has earlier announced that the difficulties of  „Small Planet Airlines“ will not affect scheduled flights and customers can safely wait for their planned holidays. All the clients  who already have their flight tickets with indicated “Small Planet Airlines” company will be redirected to “GetJet Airlines” flights. “GetJet Airlines” flights will be executed at the exact time indicated on the ticket.

Novaturas is the largest tour operator in the Baltic States. The company has been operating in the market since 1999. It offers organized tours to more than 35 destinations worldwide and organizes more than 3400 flights per year.