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2019 08 20

AB “Novaturas“ among the Lithuanian business leaders

This year Lithuanian business news portal „Verslo Žinios“ has introduced three Lithuanian business leaders ratings: “TOP 1000 Lithuanian companies“, “Lithuanian Business Leaders 500“ (LVL 500) and “Service Sector Leaders 2018“, where the biggest Lithuanian companies are ranked by certain criteria: business growth, operational efficiency, employee benefits, transparency,  contribution to the development of the business community while sharing the expertise. AB “Novaturas“ is on all three leaderboards.

We are pleased and proud to be among the leading Lithuanian companies. While making these ratings “Verslo žinios“ analysts assess objective financial data of the companies, and also such „soft“ criteria as transparency, effectiveness, communication. The latter ones become of higher importance to sustain successful business, because they reflect the matureness of the company, its openness to the society and customers, professionalism and credibility. In this year‘s “Sector Leaders 2018“ratings that covers 10 different business sectors, in service sector rankings we take the 1st place  and in "Lithuanian Business Leaders 500" ranking we are in the 21st position - the highest ones among Lithuanian tourism companies. This is the merit of the entire „Novaturas“ team“,  - CEO of the company A. Keinytė comments on the improving ratings every year.


Ratings introduced by “Verslo Žinios“

Traditionally every year  “Verslo Žinios“ announces “TOP 1000 Lithuanian companies“ ratings where thousand biggest companies are  ranked in accordance with their sales revenue. AB “Novaturas“ rises up to the 79th position in this year's list (based on the sales revenue in 2018) compared to the 107th place in the 2017 list.

As “Verslo Žinios“ reports  - the “LVL500“ are a much more complex ratings than the annual “TOP1000“ list of major companies. In this list not only the growth of revenue is assessed, but also if company is leading a sustainable business, operates efficiently, shares profit with the employees,  willingly communicates to the business community its secrets of success or experiences of failure. AB “Novaturas“ is ranked 21st in these ratings - the highest among Lithuanian travel companies.

AB “Novaturas“ is  number 1 in “Service Sector Leaders 2018“ ratings that cover ten different business sectors.

Source of information - "Verslo Žinios" business news portal. * The list of the largest companies (by sales revenue) includes those companies that have submitted their financial reports for the previous year to the Center of Registers in accordance with the law by 31 May of the current year.