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2020 11 20

The opportunity to postpone the date of the trip in case COVID-19 is positive

Taking into account the growing numbers of coronavirus cases in Europe, the leading tour operator in the Baltics States “Novaturas” group is the first to offer the opportunity to postpone planned trip free of charge in case COVID-19 test is confirmed positive. The travelers will have the flexibility to change the date or duration of their planned trip.

“Due to rapidly changing requirements, restrictions and the risk of the virus, planning of the future trips can be challenging. But the desire to travel has not disappeared anywhere because it is an inexhaustible source of learning, joy and adventure. Therefore, for all our travelers we have offered additional protection – “COVID PAUSE” service that allows to postpone the trip in case the traveler is confirmed COVID-19 positive before the trip. The service will alleviate the uncertainty of planning future trips, avoid unnecessary headaches and financial losses. This service is especially relevant now due to the obligation to provide 48-72 hours valid negative COVID-19 test before entering many foreign countries and to the fact that around 30 percent of cases are asymptomatic,” says Olga Belova, Marketing Director.

The new service allows to change the date, duration, hotel, room type, direction of trip and even the season once. The travelers will be able to use this service until 24 hours before the departure by submitting a document confirming a positive result. This document must be submitted no later than 24 hours since it has been issued.

“COVID PAUSE” service has supplemented the Company's portfolio of additional services. Until now, the travelers could choose “Golden Opportunity” service that allows to change the date, direction, hotel or room, or even a travel companion of the planned trip 14 days before departure. More information about additional services can be found on website.