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2021 08 16

Preliminary financial results for 7 months of 2021

In July, “Novaturas” group operated flights from Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia to Greek islands, Turkey, Bulgaria, and Montenegro. During July, the company served more than 26 thousand customers, i. e. 55% more than in June. Group revenue in July amounted to EUR 15.1 million.

In total, during January - July, the company served more than 72 thousand customers - 102% more than in the same period last year and yet still 57% less than the corresponding time in 2019. Cumulative January - July turnover reached EUR 44.2 million and was 71% higher than the corresponding time last year and still by 56% lower than in 2019. 

"While presenting the results of the first half of the year to the investors, we have forecasted that we will start the third quarter with the number of 20 thousand travelers served each month group-wide. We have achieved this goal in July, and we are only by 17% behind if compared to the same month of pre-pandemic 2019. When monitoring the dynamics of sales, it is likely that we will achieve such results in August as well. These are really gratifying results, especially considering that this year still fewer holiday destinations are available for the travelers to choose from. We have to bear in mind that at the moment sightseeing trips are also organized on a small scale, currently only one or two-day trips around Lithuania. But from August we are planning to actively expand the supply of sightseeing tours across the European countries”, says Audronė Keinytė, head of “Novaturas” Group.

In July the company redeemed part of the issued convertible bonds worth 2.5 million euros. According to the company, proven and timely made decisions allowed to redeem part of the issued convertible bonds before the agreed terms. The attracted investments gave the company stability during unsettling times and allowed to focus on generating revenues and rapid recovery of operations.