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2021 09 15

Preliminary financial results for 8 months of 2021

In August, “Novaturas” group operated flights from Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia to Turkey, Greek islands, Bulgaria, and Montenegro. During August, the company served 26.4 thousand customers. Group revenue in August amounted to EUR 15.3 million.

In total, during January - August, the company served 98.7 thousand customers - 138% more than in the same period last year and 51% less than the corresponding time in 2019. Cumulative January - August turnover reached EUR 59.5 million and was 106% more and 49% lower than the corresponding time last year and in 2019. 

"The results of the first and second months of the third quarter are almost identical. Group-wide, we have served more than 26 thousand travelers and generated more than EUR 15 million revenues each month. While planning this summer season, we have foreseen that the flight program volumes will approach the pre-pandemic times. In July, the number of travelers served differs by only 17% if compared with the same month in 2019 and in August the difference is 18%. Also, it is important to highlight that in 2019 we had wider choice of holiday destinations available. While monitoring sales dynamics, we expect to meet the plans set for the third quarter, i. y. to serve more than 20 thousand travelers’ each month group-wide”, says Audronė Keinytė, head of “Novaturas” group.

In August “Novaturas” group has resumed flight programs to skiing resorts in Italy and France. Flights to skiing resorts will be operated once a week from the Baltics starting from December 2022.

In September, the company is expanding the supply of leisure holiday destinations. Flights from the Baltic States are planned to the holiday resorts in Portugal, Italy, and Egypt. Since September, the number of sightseeing trips from Lithuania is also increasing. The company offers sightseeing trips by bus to Croatia, Switzerland and Poland, and sightseeing trips by plane to Georgia, Spain, Portugal, Rome, and Paris.