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2022 01 12

After 22 years of operation AB "Novaturas" renewed its logo

The largest tour operator in the Baltics “Novaturas” introduces renewed and modernized company logo. The new logo does not include capital letters but retains the colors and symbols that are recognizable to the public. The company used the previous trademark for more than two decades.

"We are the leading tour operator in the Baltic States, yet we understand our leadership not only as the scope of operations, but also as the responsibility for providing high quality holiday packages and meeting travelers’ expectations. With this modernization of the logo and the waiver of capital letters, we meant to emphasize the company's democracy and acknowledge the needs of every traveler. New, bright colors reflect our openness to change, digitization and dialogue with the next generation of travelers”, says Olga Belova, marketing director for the Baltics.

While conducting a representative online survey in September 2021, the company aimed to determine “Novaturas” logo and its visual elements recognizability. The survey revealed that as many as 93.4 percent of the target segment is familiar with the trademark.

The results of the survey also showed that “Novaturas” logo evokes a strong emotional attachment in the target customer population and is most associated with a trusted, experienced, well-known company. The emotional favorability index was as high as 82.6 percent. This shows that “Novaturas” is one of the best recognized and most loved tour operators in Lithuania.