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2022 02 15

Preliminary financial results for 01 month of 2022

During January, “Novaturas” group served 10.7 thousand customers and group’s revenue amounted to EUR 7.2 million. During the first month of the year the company has operated flights from the Baltic markets to Egypt, Tenerife, United Arab Emirates, skiing resorts in France and Italy and long-haul destinations - Cuba, Mauritius, and Mexico. In January 2021 “Novaturas” group due to the restrictions caused by the virus was forced to temporarily suspend its operations.

"We have started the year successfully – after more than a year break the skiing holiday season has returned to the market and exceeds 2019 – 2020 program by 62%. This year we have focused on the most popular skiing resorts in the Italian and French Alps, maximizing the selection of both resorts and hotels. In addition to the usual holiday destinations, the prestigious long-distance exotic trips have also returned to the portfolio, so we have started the new year with the variety of holiday destinations available just as in the pre-pandemic years,” says Vitalij Rakovski, CEO of “Novaturas” group.

Prior to the breakout of the pandemic the company used to participate in tourism exhibitions in all the Baltics in January and February during which generated the biggest volumes of revenues of the first and second months. This year, considering the general situation around the world and the dynamics of omicron, the group for the first time has decided to offer special holiday offers exclusively only online. The decision has paid off and the sales results once again reaffirmed the clear indications of the recovering tourism market and the returning of holiday planning in advance, mostly 3 – 4 months until the departure. This allows the company to plan its future operations more efficient.