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2022 09 15

Preliminary financial results for 08 month of 2022 - focus on aviation and high traveler reliance

In August, “Novaturas” group served 27 thousand customers, and the group’s revenue amounted to EUR 18 million. In total, during January – August, the company served 185 thousand customers, 2 times more than the same period last year. Cumulative January – August turnover reached EUR 129 million and was more than twice higher than the corresponding time in 2021. 

Despite the continuing challenges in the aviation sector, “Novaturas” group ended last month of summer smoothly. "People around the world still face the challenges of canceled or delayed flights, and we're doing everything we can to help our travelers avoid these disruptions. Recently we have strengthened our team of aviation professionals and in August we have expanded the list of our airline partners by adding two additional air carriers in the Latvian and Estonian markets for charter flights to Turkish resorts. This decision allows us not only to fulfill the needs of our travelers for this summer holiday season, but also to manage risks to ensure the percentage of flight regularity as high as possible. Reinforced attention to aviation is already showing results - in August, in all our markets we had 5 times fewer flights with a delay of more than 3 hours compared to May - July results" - says Vitalij Rakovski, head of “Novaturas” group.  

The company also traces returned travelers' confidence in buying trips in advance. In August, people purchased trips with a booking window of on average 10 weeks, which is 20% longer than recorded in the first seven months of this year. According to the head of the companies, this is a positive change in clients’ behavior having in mind the general mood set by growing prices of energy resources and indications of macroeconomic factors.