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2022 10 11

AB "Novaturas" launches early bookings for summer 2023: strengthening competitive advantages and customer focus

On 11 October, AB "Novaturas", leader of the tourism market, presents the 2023 summer holiday season and introduces new holiday destination that is returning to the portfolio - Barcelona. At the same time, the group of companies strengthens its competitive advantage in the Baltic States by offering not only a wide package of additional benefits during early bookings, but also the lowest price guarantee service.

"The 2023 summer holiday season program will be similar in scope to the 2022 summer program. Taking into account all the recent challenges, we offer travelers not only a balanced, well strategically thought-out program, but also an exclusive package of travel protection services to make holiday planning as comfortable and flexible as possible. We believe that our offered service package gives people the security and confidence to plan their upcoming summer holidays in advance and have the flexibility to change their plans should such a need arise. Our goal is to restore travelers' confidence in advance holiday planning and its benefits, minimizing last-minute purchase, which is not an attractive option for either the client or the organizer," says Vitalij Rakovski, head of “Novaturas” group.

This year, the group is also adopting all the good practices of early bookings. "We are the only tour operator in the market that, in addition to all the usual early booking benefits, offers travelers the lowest price guarantee service, which costs only EUR 15 per person. This means that customers who have purchased “Novaturas” leisure holiday package can be assured that they will be reimbursed the price difference if the price of their trip drops in the future. In addition, based on recent experience, we have included the fuel price fluctuation fee in this service," says Mr. Rakovski.

Based on the experience of summer 2022, those customers who were purchasing last-minute trips could only choose from 20% of the entire supply of the hotels with the highest demand in the most popular destinations. Whereas during early bookings, travelers choose trips from the widest supply available in terms of destinations, resorts, hotels, or room types.

According to the head of the company, the success of the 2022 summer season has encouraged foreign partners to maintain ambitious plans for next year as well. "The most popular summer holiday destinations such as Turkey or the Greek islands attracted large numbers of travelers, hotel occupancy rates were extremely high, and the season itself was profitable, so from today's perspective, accommodation prices next year are expected to grow at a similar pace to this year. Meanwhile, during the early bookings period, hotels offer on average 20% discounts, which allows customers to save more than EUR 100 per person, and in some cases, due to our exclusive partnership, the discount on accommodation can be as high as 40–50%," says Mr. Rakovski.

AB "Novaturas" is also the only tour operator to launch early bookings for the 2023 summer season with the full portfolio of 15 destinations available.