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2023 09 13

Novaturas presents a full programme for the next summer: up to 15 per cent growth, new destinations

Novaturas Group, the largest tour operator in the Baltic States, is the first tourism market participant in the region to present their full early booking programme for 2024 summer and new destinations – Cyprus and Majorca. The longest-operating company in the market, which is already counting its 25th summer season, will also increase its offer on the Greek islands, at Spanish resorts, and in Montenegro, Croatia and Madeira.

“This coming summer, we are planning an increase of up to 15 per cent in the number of customers served group-wide compared to last summer. In increasing our competitive advantage, we are also offering an exclusive package of benefits to motivate people to book their trips during early booking sales. If the price of the trip goes down or if there is a change of plans, we give our customers flexibility and security guarantees so they don’t lose a thing. In Turkey, which is most popular destination, we are also offering our customers another service – the option of early arrival at the destination and late departure,” says Novaturas Group CEO Vitalij Rakovski.

He adds that Novaturas will increase its capacity in the destinations that are most attractive to travellers and where the company sees the greatest potential after this summer.

“We are planning more frequent flights to the Greek islands of Crete and Rhodes, as well as to Montenegro, and this will allow us to increase volumes by about 30 per cent. At Spanish resorts, we are planning volumes that are as much as three times higher, and we are presenting a new destination that we are returning to after a break – Majorca. Of the existing Spanish destinations, we will focus on the Barcelona resorts of Costa Brava and Costa Dorada as well as Malaga, where the successful sales this year have encouraged us to expand the number of places we offer for next summer. As market leaders, we always want to surprise our customers with new things – in taking into account travellers’ expectations and expanding our range, we are introducing Cyprus for the upcoming summer season,” notes Mr Rakovski.

Variety of trips and lowest price guarantee

The company has additional news from Estonia – resorts in the Calabria region (Italy). Novaturas has extended the season from Lithuania to Malaga (Spain), and will offer travellers holidays there for a longer period; in Latvia and Estonia, Malaga is being introduced as a new destination.  Tickets to Majorca are already being sold, and the company will be presenting travel packages in the near future.

Bali is also included in next summer’s options, as travellers – and especially newlyweds – are showing interest in this exotic destination not only in winter, but during the warm season as well. The company is also offering a wide range of sightseeing tours from Lithuania, with 116 routes to different countries, including 28 new ones. The company has expanded the sightseeing tour programme by about 20 per cent compared to this past summer season.

Travellers can also choose sightseeing tours by plane to Canada, Japan, Cyprus, Uzbekistan and other destinations. With the growing interest in nature destinations, bus trips have been added to Southern Sweden, Romania, the French Alps, the Tuscany region of Italy, Austria and other locations. The company offer a variety of options for sightseeing enthusiasts, from nearby trips to Poland or the Czech Republic and the most popular destinations of Paris and Rome, to traveller favourites and new gourmet experiences in Corsica, Cyprus, France, Italy, Portugal and its island of Madeira.

Travellers booking their upcoming summer holidays now also receive a package of additional services that will provide flexibility and security guarantees. This includes Novaturas’s lowest price guarantee, flexibility to change travel conditions and other additional benefits.

Novaturas is the only tour operator in the Baltic region that offers a lowest price guarantee. This means that if the price of the trip goes down in the future, customers who booked it during pre-sales can contact the company and rest assured that the price difference will be refunded.

Exceptional range and quality of hotels

At all of next summer’s destinations, Novaturas will update at least 10 per cent of the hotel offers it had this past summer. Considerable attention is given to their selection, so when putting together the range, close relations with local partners are maintained, and company representatives go to the destinations to ensure impeccable rest and quality. The company’s priority is to offer customers the hotels that they love the most and that have had the greatest success, and to include interesting new things and exclusive accommodations in the offer.

Based on the experience of this past summer season, people who booked last-minute trips to the most popular destinations, such as the Greek islands and Turkey, as well as Montenegro and Tunisia, could choose from about 20-30 per cent of the hotels with the highest demand; a similar trend was observed last year as well. Meanwhile, during pre-sales, travellers can choose from a wide range of not only flights and resorts, but also hotels and hotel rooms. When planning next summer’s holiday now, discounts on accommodation in some destinations can be as high as 40-50 per cent.

About the company
Novaturas Group is the largest and the only charter flights‘ local tour operator in the Baltic States, offering summer and winter trips to more than 30 destinations worldwide and more than 100 tours. In 2022, Novaturas Group recorded revenues of EUR 197 million and served 267 000 passengers in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia.